Enjoy the different islands along the inter-channel waterways with one of our captains as your guide, offering local insight to the natural wonders of the area. These trips are tailored with you and other passengers in mind. You will enjoy a private boating experience for a glimpse into the area. Based on the season, your captain will take you where the sight of wildlife is promising. You can see dolphins or manatee swimming in the bay or wild horses running along the beach of Cumberland Island. No matter where your captain takes you, we are sure you will enjoy yourself!

Why Sightseeing?

  • Local captains with local knowledge
  • Relaxing but still on the water
  • Amazing scenery and wildlife

Available Captains

A man lays out the bounty of fish caught during the trip onto the dock.


A $50 reservation fee will be required up front. Your captain will contact you to discuss further details about the charter. The full charter payment is due at the end of the charter, and your credit card will be held on file before that for no-shows, or for cancellations within the cancellation policy timeline. See the cancellation policy here.

$150 / hour, 2 hour minimum


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