Michael Foster

Captain Michael Foster grew up in Fernandina Beach with a rich family history of fishing. His grandfather was a commercial shrimp fisherman, and his dad loved to fish as well. He was always around boats and the water and quickly developed a passion for fishing. Upon discovering the charter fishing industry, he was elated to have the opportunity to do what he loves every single day and make a living. Captain Foster loves taking children and families out and helping them catch their first fish. He enjoys providing his passengers with lifelong memories after experiencing a day on the water. Booking a charter with Captain Foster means you have three generations of fishing knowledge, specific to the Amelia Island waters, at your disposal for the day.


  • AM 1/2 DAY (7am-12 noon) $$$
  • PM 1/2 DAY (1pm-6pm) $$$
  • Full Day (8am-5pm) $$$$