Jetty, Bay, & Beach Fishing

This trip is for those who like to stay closer to shore (we stay within 5 miles). Experience the scenic views of the jetties and beach while casting for some of the bigger sharks and tarpon in the water. The rocky jetties and vegetation-rich bays offer the perfect feeding grounds for all saltwater species. Our experienced captains are sure to put you on some of the most exciting fishing of your life.

Why Jetty, Bay, & Beach Fishing?

  • Short distance traveled
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Action-packed catches

Available Captains

A man lays out the bounty of fish caught during the trip onto the dock.


A $50 reservation fee will be required up front. Your captain will contact you to discuss further details about the charter. The full charter payment is due at the end of the charter, and your credit card will be held on file before that for no-shows, or for cancellations within the cancellation policy timeline. See the cancellation policy here.

1/2 Day (4 hours) – $650

3/4 Day (6 hours) – $950

Full Day (8 hours) – $1250


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